Publishing a version of a file

In order for readers to see a draft created in IBM Connections Docs, or edits made in Docs, a new version of the file must be published. As of August 2015, if a file is being created or edited in Docs for the first time, publishing is set to occur automatically. If a file was previously created or edited in Docs, you must either enable the Publish Automatically command in that file, or publish each new version manually.

About this task

Here are some frequently asked questions:
How does automatic publishing work?
Auto-publish can be enabled or disabled by the File > Publish Automatically menu item. When enabled, every time you close the document, a new version is created (making changes available to those you have shared the file with as readers). During a simultaneous group editing session, the new version is created after the last co-editor closes the document.
Do I need to save the draft in between versions?
Drafts are always saved automatically, including when you suddenly close the document. Even during a group editing session, a browser crash is the only way that data could be lost.
What if I want to publish a version now, without closing the document?
From the menu, you can click File > Publish Now at any time. Creating a version in this way is useful when think you might want to revert to the current state of the document before making more changes. Any co-editor can publish the file in this way. Note that when the last co-editor closes the file, another version is still created.
Tip: Files that you upload from Microsoft Office or OpenOffice are always published in their original format. For files that you create online, or for .txt or .csv files, you can change the default file format that the file will be published to in Tools > Preferences.


Whether a file is published automatically or manually, a new version of the file is displayed in the Files application as soon as the Files window is refreshed, and notifications are sent to people who are following the file.

If you have not yet shared the file with people that you want to be readers, see Sharing documents with people or communities.