Downloading a presentation

After you edit a presentation in IBM® Connections Docs, you can download the file to its original format (Open Document format or Microsoft Office format) or to a .pdf file.

About this task

For IBM Content Navigator users, see downloading documents.


  1. In an open presentation, click File > Download > PDF (.pdf) or File > Download > Microsoft Office format (.pptx) / Open Document format (.odp). The presentation gets ready to be downloaded as a .pdf file or to its original format.
  2. If you click File > Download > PDF (.pdf), a Page Setup window is displayed. Specify the settings that you want and then click OK.
  3. When you see the Processing is complete message in a new window, click the Click here to download the file link. You can open or save the file from your browser.
    Note: From the Files application, you can also download the presentation to a .pdf file as follows:
    1. In the Files application, click My Files.
    2. Find the presentation that you want to download, and then click More.
    3. Click More Actions > Download as PDF File and specify the settings that you want in a Page Setup window.
      Note: Only a published version of a presentation can be downloaded. By default, a presentation is published every time you, or in a group editing session, the last editor, closes it. If the presentation is not published, owners and editors can always click File > Publish Now. If you are a reader, ask the owner to publish.