Saving presentations

Use the Save command to save a presentation that you are editing. Use Copy to save a file with a new name and open it in a separate window.

About this task

A presentation can be edited by its owner and people with whom the owner has shared it as Editors. Changes are auto-saved at regular times, but you can also use the Save command at any time.
Note: In order for Readers to view or download the presentation, it must be published as a version. By default, the setting File > Publish Automatically creates a version each time you close the presentation. Owners and editors can create a version anytime by clicking File > Publish Now.
Note: Note that the Copy function is not available if you are using IBM Content Navigator.


  1. To save the presentation at any time, click File > Save.
  2. If you want to save the presentation with a different name, click File > Copy. Type a new file name and then click OK.
    copy file
    The new presentation opens in a separate window and is saved in My Files.
    Note: If you use the Copy command to save a .ppt or .odp file, the file that is created still keeps its original format. However, if you use the Copy command to save a .pptx file, the file that is created is in the .ppt format.
    Note: For IBM Content Navigator users, the Copy command is not available.