CEILING function

CEILING rounds a number up to the nearest multiple of significance.



  • number is the number that is to be rounded.
  • increment is the number to whose multiple the value is to be rounded.
  • mode is an optional value. If the mode value is given and not equal to zero, and if number and increment are negative, rounding is done based on the absolute value of number. This mode argument is ignored when exporting to Microsoft Excel because it does not use a third parameter.
Important: If both number and increment are negative and the mode value is equal to zero or is not given, the results in IBM® Connections Docs and Microsoft Excel differ after the import is complete. If you export the spreadsheet to Excel, use mode=1 to see the same results in Excel as in Connections Docs.


=CEILING(-11,-2) returns -10.

=CEILING(-11,-2,0) returns -10.

=CEILING(-11,-2,1) returns -12.