Co-editing with others in spreadsheets

Multiple editors on a team can edit a spreadsheet at the same time. You can edit in different cells or in the same cell, column, or row. Every editor can see the changes at the same time.

About this task

Each participant in the co-editing group must have access to the spreadsheet as an editor. For example, if you want to co-edit a spreadsheet with your team members, you must share the spreadsheet with them and set their access levels to Editor. To co-edit with others, perform the following steps:


  1. If you are the file owner and initiate co-editing, click Shared By Me in the Connections Files application. Otherwise, click Shared With Me.
  2. From the list of files, click the name of the spreadsheet that you want to co-edit. Then click Edit to open the spreadsheet in Connections Docs.
  3. All the editors' profile pictures are listed on the sidebar with their Connections Chat availability status and their assigned co-editing highlight color. A co-editor's profile picture is dimmed when they are not currently in the spreadsheet.
    Editors profile pictures in sidebar with one dimmed
    Note: During co-editing, you can show and hide the collaboration sidebar by clicking the sidebar icon sidebar icon in the bar that displays the file name. In a new spreadsheet, the sidebar is hidden by default. The sidebar icon displays the number of unread comments in a spreadsheet.
  4. When you are ready to allow readers to view or download the document, take one of the following actions:
    • If the File > Publish Automatically menu item is enabled, close the spreadsheet by clicking the Close Tab icon (x) and the file is published automatically. Note that, in a group editing session, the file is published only when the last co-editor closes the spreadsheet.
    • To publish the spreadsheet manually, click File > Publish Now . Click the Close Tab icon (x) to leave the spreadsheet.
    Note: If a co-editor deletes the file during your edit session, you are notified. Click OK in the message box to save your spreadsheet as a new file and ensure that the changes you made can be preserved.