OR function

OR returns TRUE if at least one argument is TRUE. This function returns the value FALSE only when all the arguments have the logical value FALSE.

The OR arguments are either logical expressions themselves (TRUE, 1<5, 2+3=7, B8<10) that return logical values, or arrays (A1:C3) containing logical values.

Note: When a function expects a single value, but you enter a cell range, the value from the same column or row as the formula is the one that is used. If the entered range is outside of the current column or row of the formula, the function returns the error value #VALUE!.


OR(logical value, logical value 2, ...logical value 30)

logical value, logical value 2, ...logical value 30 are conditions to be checked. All conditions can be either TRUE or FALSE. If a range is entered as an argument, the function uses the value from the range that is in the current column or row.


The logical values of entries 12<11, 13>22, and 45=45 are to be checked.

=OR(12<11,13>22,45=45) returns TRUE.