Frame structure used in the information center

The information center uses a number of different frames. This topic lists and describes them.

The following list describes the frame structure used in the information center.

  • Main Help Toolbar
  • Layout frame: HelpFrame
    • Layout frame: NavFrame (covers all frames in the Navigation pane)
      • Layout frame: ViewsFrame
        • Layout frame: toc/index/search/collaboration
          • Contents/Index/Search Results/Collaboration View Toolbar
          • Contents/Index/Search Results/Collaboration View
          Note: Collaboration View Toolbar and Collaboration View only apply to the collaboration edition of Information Center.
      • Selection of Navigation Views
    • Layout frame: ContentFrame (covers all frames in the Topic View Pane)
      • Topic View Toolbar
      • Topic View
      • Topic Collaboration View (it only appears when the collaboration plug-in is installed.)

Description of frames used in the information center

The following information describes the frames used in the information center.

In-line frames must be enabled in your screen reader software.
Note: All frames that start with Layout frame: have nested frames that contain the actual function controls. Refer to those frames for specific functions.
  • Main Help Toolbar - Contains the search information and sign-in information.
  • Contents View Toolbar and Contents View (in-line frames) - In the toolbar, you can print, search, and filter topics. The view contains a tree view of the topics within the information center.
  • Index View Toolbar and Index View (in-line frames) - No real functions provided in the toolbar. The view contains a list of index terms.
  • Search Results View Toolbar and Search Results View (in-line frames) - In the toolbar you can group results and display or hide topic descriptions. The view contains the result list for the search that was performed.
  • Collaboration View Toolbar and Collaboration View (in-line frames) - The toolbar shows the hottest topic or shows only your comments. The view contains the list of hottest topics with the number of comments or a tree view of your comments.
  • Selection of Navigation Views - Allows you to tab in between the Contents, Index, Search Results, and Collaboration views.
  • Topic View Toolbar - Allows you to navigate to the topics you have visited, bookmark the current topic, or print the current topic.
  • Topic View - Displays the contents of the current topic and screen for changing preference settings.
  • Topic Collaboration View - In the toolbar, you can comment on the current topic, element, or selection, expand and collapse all comments, access your preference settings, and display comments in other languages. Below the toolbar is a table of all of the comments.