Finding information by using the index view

The Index view provides a master index of all the content in the information center. Use the Index view to find information about specific topics in the information center.

Before you begin

If the documentation provider has turned off the index view for the information center, the Index tab (Index tab) is not available.

About this task

To find information by using the Index view:


  1. Click the Index tab (Index tab) to display the Index view.
  2. Type a keyword in the input field. The list of index terms is updated to display the keyword that most closely matches the keyword that you entered.
  3. Click the keyword or topic title in the index list to display the topic in the Contents view.
    • Indexes are not case-sensitive. The same results are displayed in the Index view regardless of the case of the input keyword.
    • If a keyword is associated with more than one topic, the individual keyword is not shown in the list of index terms. Instead, the titles of the pages that contain that keyword is shown.
    • In addition to searching the Index view, you can use the Previous and Next links at the bottom of the Index view to scroll through the list of index terms.