Navigating in the information center

Use the graphical user interface provided by the information center to locate and view product documentation.

The Contents tab (high-level topic) at the bottom of the view displays the titles of the topics in the information center. The titles are displayed in a table of contents or navigation tree structure. You can select the topic title in the navigation tree to display the topic content.

Click Go Back (back arrow) and Go Forward (forward arrow) to navigate within the history of viewed topics.

Click Home (Home icon) to open the information center home page.

Click the Contents tab (Contents tab) at the bottom of the view to return to the Contents view after a search task is performed.

When you click a link within the topic that you are currently viewing, a new topic opens, the navigation tree will automatically changes to reflect the location of the new topic by default settings.

If the change does not automatically take place, you can do one of the following steps.

For information about navigating by keyboard, see Keyboard shortcuts and accelerators.