Searching the information center

You can search all topics in the information center, search an individual topic or topic collection, or create a search scope to search only a subset of the information. The Search Results view can display up to 500 results, sorted by relevance.

About this task

To toggle between the Contents view and the Search Results view, click the Contents tab (Contents tab) or the Search Results tab (Search results tab).

Note: Search strings are not case-sensitive.



If you have installed the collaboration plug-in in your information center, the Search Results view displays the topics and comments that match your search query. You can move your mouse over the two tags topics and comments to switch between search results of topics and comments. Select a topic or comment from the list of search results to view it.

If you do not have the collaboration plug-in installed, the Search Result view displays the topics that match your query. You can select one topic from the list of search result to view it.

Topics with the same title and same abstract are recognized as similar pages. If one of the topics in the search results has similar pages, the total count of similar pages is displayed in green fonts at the bottom of that topic. You can also click on Similar Pages tag to expand and have all the similar pages displayed.

What to do next

  1. Click the Search results tab () to see the search results view. By default, search results are not grouped.
  2. Click the Show result categories () on the toolbar to group the search results.
You can use the icons on the toolbar to control the search results:
  • To display or hide the summary under each search result, click Show result descriptions (Hide or show result descriptions).
  • To enable or disable search highlighting, click Highlighting (Highlight Search Terms).