Adding members to a stand-alone activity

To give a person access to an activity, you can add the person as a member. You must be an author or an owner of an activity to add members. An author can add readers and other authors. An owner can add members in any role.

About this task

There are a few ways to add multiple people to an activity at the same time:
  • 'If the people you are adding are members of a group that exists in the company directory, you can add the group.
    Note: Groups must be enabled for your organization.
  • If the people you are adding are members of a community, you can add the community.
    Note: You cannot add a community if people outside your organization are members. Instead, add each member individually.
If the people are not part of an existing group or community and there are too many people to add them individually, contact your administrator. Administrators can grant a set of people access to an activity with wsadmin commands. Give the administrator the web address of the activity and the email addresses of the people that you want to add. If the product is configured to hide email addresses, provide the login names of each person instead.

If you add a person who is already a member of the activity, the new membership entry overwrites the original entry.


  1. In the activity, click Members from the navigation pane to open the Members view.
  2. Click Add Members.

    Select the member type, then the member role, then enter the name of the person, community, or group. An owner can add content, view and edit all entries, and manage the membership of the activity. Authors can view content and edit their entries. A reader can only view content.


The server sends an email message or notification to the Updates tab of the home page to each new member, notifying them about the activity.

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