Editing entry templates

The activity owner can edit the entry templates that are created from custom entries. For example, the activity owner might want to change the icon that is used by the template as an identifier.

Before you begin

Do not perform this procedure if there are no entry templates in the activity.

An entry template is a prototype of an entry. If you create a custom entry that you want to reuse, you can save it as a template. The next time that you add an entry, you have the option of adding an entry with the custom fields specified in the template. For more information, see Creating entry templates.

About this task

To edit an entry template, complete the following steps:


  1. Open the activity that contains the entry templates that you want to edit.
  2. From the title bar, click Activity Actions, and then select Edit Entry Templates.
  3. Click Edit next to the template that you want to edit.
  4. Make the edits that you want. To associate an icon with the template, select an icon.

    When you associate an icon with a template, the icon is displayed in the titles of any entries that are created from the template.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Edit another entry template or click Close.

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