Editing or deleting an entry

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can edit an entry to change the content or status, or to delete it from the blog.

Before you begin

If you have Author permission, you can edit entries that you create. If you have Owner permission, you can edit any entry in the blog.

About this task

To edit or remove an entry, click Entries from the Settings page to view the entries for your blog and do one of the following:
  • Click Edit to edit an entry.
  • Select one or more entries and click Delete to permanently remove the entries from the blog.
When you edit an entry, you are presented with the option of supplying a Trackback URL. Use this feature to notify another blog that you are linking to it. For example, if you include a link to a colleague's blog in this entry, go to that blog, copy the Trackback URL, and paste it into the TrackBack URL field for your entry. When you post the entry, a notification is sent to your colleague's blog, indicating that you posted a link to your blog. It is a way to acknowledge a connection between blogs.
Note: As you create or edit an entry, your work is automatically saved every 15 minutes, unless the site administrator changes the interval. If you leave an entry in an unsaved state when you log out of Blogs, the next time you log in, a notification reminds you that you have an unsaved entry. From that notification message, you can click Edit to open the entry and resume work on it, or Discard to delete the entry.

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