Changing the look of your blog

The blog theme controls the layout and color-scheme of your blog. When you create a new blog, you select from one of the built-in themes.

Before you begin

You must be a blog owner or site administrator to edit the blog theme.

About this task

Change the theme to update the look of your blog.


  1. Click My Blogs.
  2. Click Settings for the blog you want to modify.
  3. Click Theme.
  4. Select a different theme for the blog. A preview window shows you what your blog looks like with the new theme.
  5. Click Save to apply the new theme.

What to do next

Important: If your site administrator gives you permission, you can customize a theme from the Theme page. Customizing a theme requires that you edit HTML template files. Do not customize a theme unless you are comfortable working with HTML. When you click Customize, the templates that define your current theme are copied into your blog where you can edit them from the Templates page. You can only customize one theme at a time. Clicking Customize overwrites any previous customization.

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