Creating a community blog

Use a blog to enhance your community with a way to ask a question, brainstorm, or simply share your ideas.

About this task

If you installed IBM® Connections Communities and you are a community owner, you can create a blog for the use of the community members. Each community can have only one blog. The way that you can view and access a community blog depends on the type of community, as follows:

  • If your community is restricted, the blog is also restricted and is for the exclusive use of community members. The blog does not display on the Public Blogs page, but can be found on your My Blogs page.
  • If your community is public, the blog is also public. In this case, the blog displays on the Public Blogs page and your My Blogs page.
  • If your community is a moderated community, which is a public community that users must ask to join, the blog is public, and displays on the Public Blogs page and your My Blogs page.
Note: In all of these cases, comment moderation for the blog is disabled by default unless it is configured by the blog owner or an administrator. To turn on comment moderation, so that you or an approved reviewer reads and approves comments before they are posted to the blog, click the Settings link for your blog and enable the Moderate comments option.


To create a community blog:

  1. From your community's overview page, click Community Actions > Customize and select Blog. The community blog is created and displays on the community's overview page.
  2. Choose Create Your First Entry to create the first blog entry.
  3. Return to your community. The new entry displays in the blog section.

What to do next

From the community, you can:
  • Click New Entry to create a blog entry.
  • Click Settings to change blog settings such as the title, description, tags, timezone, member access, and whether the comments must be moderated.
Note: The community blog that you create also displays on your My Blogs page. You can edit all settings for the blog except for membership from that page and from the community.

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