Using third-party blog editors to create entries for your blog

You can set up your blog so that you can use a third-party editing tool to create blog entries.

Before you begin

To use this application, you must already have a blog with at least one entry. You must also have access to a third-party blog-editing tool, such as w.bloggar or ScribeFire. The steps describe how to set up your blog to use ScribeFire, a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox. The steps for enabling other editors as third-party editors are detailed in an article titled Using third-party editors to author blog entries on the IBM® Connections wiki.

About this task

Follow these steps to specify an alternate editor for creating blog entries. These steps assume that you already installed the ScribeFire plug-in and that you are using Mozilla Firefox as your browser.


  1. Click My Blogs to work with your blog.
  2. Click Settings to edit the settings for your blog.
  3. Enable the Enable Blogger and Metaweblog API for your blog setting on the General page.
  4. Click Update Blog Settings.
  5. Click the Scribefire icon in the Firefox status bar or choose Scribefire from the Tools menu to start ScribeFire.
  6. Start the account wizard.
  7. Enter the URL for your blog.
  8. Select Metaweblog API in the system type field and enter the URL for your Blogs server in the Server API URL field. The URL looks like: http://<hostname>/blogs/services/xmlrpc.
  9. Enter your IBM Connections user name and password.
    Note: Both user name and password are case-sensitive.
    If the login is successful, you see a list of your blogs.
  10. Select the blog or blogs you want to update with ScribeFire.
  11. Use ScribeFire to create a blog entry and post it to your blog.

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