Searching for bookmarks

Use search to quickly locate a bookmark according to various criteria.

Before you begin

The search scope determines what bookmarks are searched. You can change the search scope using the menu control for the Search field. For example, you can search all bookmarks, or narrow the scope to search only your bookmarks.


  1. From any Bookmarks view, enter a search string in the Search field.
  2. Use the drop-down menu control next to the search field to choose the search scope. The scope can be:
    • Public bookmarks. Searches all bookmarks for your organization.
    • My Bookmarks. Searches only bookmarks that you created. You must be logged in to use this application.
    • These Bookmarks. Searches a subset of bookmarks. For example, if you have filtered the bookmark list to see all bookmarks with a particular tag, you can search only that group of bookmarks.
  3. Click the Search icon to begin the search. Bookmarks are returned in the order of relevancy.

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