What can you do with Bookmarks?

Bookmarks is a set of social bookmarking tools that you can use to save, organize, and share Internet and intranet bookmarks.

Bookmarks that you collect are stored in a central repository for your convenience so that you can share some or all of your bookmarks with others, and see other collections of bookmarks. In a work environment, this tool is a great way to share expertise. Bookmarks provides tools for scanning for information about a bookmark or about the bookmark owner, giving you the means to share information in your enterprise or connect with people who have similar interests or the expertise you need. Some highlights of Bookmarks include:

Collaboration scenario

Suppose you work in the Finance group and are looking for a person knowledgeable about microcredit. You can search Bookmarks for tags such as "economics," "microcredit," "lending," and "small_business." If you find a match, you can scan the list of bookmarks and the people who have posted the bookmarks. After you identify a person who has created several bookmarks related to microcredit, you can review that person's bookmarks and also get contact information and links to other IBM® Connections services associated with that user. This form of expertise location encourages collaboration and sharing of resources within your company.

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