Managing your community blog

After you add a blog to a community, you can manage access to the blog, hide the blog, or remove it from the community.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to edit, hide, or remove a community blog, or to change the blog membership.

About this task

When you first create a community blog, all members of the community are granted author access by default. Depending on your community, you might want to change the access level for your members. Note access is always community-wide. Community owners are always blog owners and have full access to post entries and can also manage the blog and its users. Community owners can also grant permissions to other members. All other community members can have one of the following roles:
Table 1. Community blog roles
Role Description
Author Allows user to post entries, but not to manage the blog. Users with this role can also edit and delete other users' entries.
Draft Allows user to save draft entries only.
Viewer Allows users to read blog posts but not to contribute to the blog.
In addition to managing access to the community blog, you can also hide blog activity or delete the blog from the community.


You can perform the following management tasks for a community blog:

Note: You must be logged in to Connections version 5.5 to perform management tasks for your community blog.

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