Creating community events

You can create events in the community Events app to flag upcoming meetings, all-day events, or events that run for a number of days. To add an event for the community, you must be a community owner or a community member with Author access.

Before you begin

You can create community events only if your community contains the Events app which must be added to the community by a community owner. For more information about adding apps, see Adding apps to your community to make more functionality available.

About this task

Upcoming Events on your community Overview page lists upcoming events or important dates for the community. You can remind community members about upcoming events and provide details about the event, such as the time and location.


To create a community event, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Events from the community navigation and click Create an Event.
  2. Enter an event name in the Event Title field.
  3. Add one or more words that make the event easier to find in the Tags field.
  4. Using the drop-down controls, select the starting date and time of the event, and then select the finishing date and time.
  5. To specify that the event runs for a full day, select All-day event.
    Note: If you select All-day event, the options to specify a starting and finishing time for the event are not available.
  6. To create a repeating event, click Repeats. Specify whether you want the event to repeat daily, weekly or monthly by selecting the appropriate option from the Repeats list.
    • If you select Daily, the event repeats every day until the specified end date. You can clear any day of the week that you do not want the event to occur.
    • If you select Weekly, the event repeats every week at the specified time on the specified day. You can change the frequency to every two, three, four, or five weeks in the Every field.
    • If you select Monthly, the event repeats every month until the specified end date. You can choose an event to either occur monthly on a specific date (between the 1st - 31st) or a particular day, for example the first Friday of the month.
    By default, you cannot have more than 700 community event instances in a repeating event. Your administrator can reconfigure this setting.
  7. Enter the location of the event into the Location field.
  8. Enter a description of the event in to the Description field.
  9. If you want to notify community members about this event, complete the following steps:
    1. Select Notify community members.
    2. In Select community members, select the boxes next to the names of individual members that you want to invite. To find people, scroll through the alphabetic list of names or type a person's name into the Type to filter this list field. If the community has more than 500 members, you can click Next to see additional names.
      Tip: If you need to notify the entire community, you could get the community members to add events to their personal calendars. For more information, see Adding community events to your personal calendar.
      Note: The filter searches the names on the current page only. If there are multiple pages, click Next until you get to a page with names in the same alphabetic range as the name you are looking for, and then type the name into the filter box.
    3. If you want to add a comment that is displayed in the invitation that is sent to the members, add it to the Message field.
  10. Click Save.

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