Customizing the community Overview page

To maximize impact of your community, you can customize the appearance of the community Overview page.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to customize the Overview page.

About this task

You can customize the placement and visibility of the apps on the community Overview page.


From the community Overview page, click the Actions icon Actions icon in the title bar of the app that you want to work with, and then do one of the following actions:
  • To expand or collapse the app content, select Maximize or Minimize.
  • To update the app display, select Refresh.
  • To edit an app's details, select Edit.
  • To change the title of the app, select Change Title
  • To get help, select Help.
  • To change the position of the app on the Overview page, select Move Up or Move Down
  • To change the position of the app to another column, on the Overview page, select Move To Previous Column or Move To Next Column
  • To temporarily remove the app from the Overview page, select Hide. You can re-display the app at any time by selecting Community Actions > Add Apps and choosing the app from the Hidden section of the palette. Hiding an app does not delete the information that you already added. If you add the app to the Overview page again, any information previously added is restored to the community Overview page.
    Note: Remove behaves differently for different apps.
    • When you Remove the Members, Community Description, Tags, Important Bookmarks, Subcommunities, Gallery, or Featured Survey apps, the app is removed from the Overview page, but any associated data is not deleted.
    • When you Remove any other app (for example Activities, Blogs, Forums, or Wikis) the app is removed from the Overview page, and any associated data is deleted.


The changes are applied to the community Overview page.

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