Removing community forums

As a community owner, you can delete individual community forums, temporarily hide community forums, or remove the entire forums feature from your community.

Before you begin

You must be a community owner to remove, hide, or delete community forums.

About this task

Every community has a forum by default. If you decide that your community does not need a place for discussion, you can remove the forums feature from the community. When you remove the feature permanently, all forum content is deleted. You can also remove the forums feature temporarily, which hides the forum content but does not delete it. If you restore the feature to the community at a later stage, any content previously added to the forums is recovered and displayed.

You can also remove individual forums that are no longer used by your community. Removing a community forum deletes all the content in that forum permanently.


To remove community forums, do one of the following.

  1. To hide your community forums temporarily:
    1. From the community's Overview page, click the Actions icon Actions icon in the Forums app title bar, and then select Hide.

      When you want to display the app again, select Community Actions > Add Apps on the Overview page, select Hidden, and then select Forums. The Forums app is restored to the community with all its existing content.

  2. To remove your community forums permanently:
    1. From the community's Overview page, click the Actions icon Actions icon in the app title bar, select Remove, and complete the form that displays to confirm that you want to remove the Forums app.
      Important: When you perform this action, all forum content is permanently removed and it cannot be retrieved later.
  3. To remove a single community forum:
    1. Select Forums from the navigation sidebar and click the Forums tab.
    2. Open the forum that you want to delete.
    3. Select More Actions > Delete Forum.
    4. Click Delete to confirm that you want to delete the forum.

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