Finding wiki pages

As your community wiki grows in size, when you are looking for specific information, you can search for wiki pages in a number of ways.


  1. Select Wiki from the navigation sidebar on your community's Overview page.
  2. Complete one or more of the following tasks:
    1. To browse for a page using the page hierarchy, expand the navigation sidebar and select pages.
    2. To look for pages tagged with a specific keyword, click a tag in the Tags filter.
    3. To search for a page, ensure that This Wiki is selected from the search menu, enter a page title in the search field, and click the search icon.
    4. To look for pages by date, expand the Dates filter and select the time period that you are interested in.
    5. To go directly to a page when you know the title, click Index, expand the Pages filter, and click Go to Page. Enter the page title in the Title field and click the search icon.
    6. To find pages that you edited, click Index, expand the Pages filter, and click I Edited.

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