How do I delete library files?

You can delete a file to remove it from a library. Deleted files are moved to the Trash view. You can restore files from the Trash view, but you must do so before the trash is emptied.

Before you begin

Trash view functionality is only available in deployments using IBM® FileNet® Collaboration Services 2.0 with IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.0. In IBM Content Manager and older FileNet deployments, the View Trash link and the Move to Trash option are not available in the user interface.

About this task

Most users cannot delete files that have a working draft or a pending draft, or files that are checked out by another user. Only administrators can delete files in these states.

You must have permission to delete other people's files in a linked library. Permissions for linked libraries are set on the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) server.


To delete a library file, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the library containing the file that you want to delete, and click More next to the file name.
  2. Select More Actions > Move to Trash.
    Note: Trash view functionality is only available in deployments using IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.0. For IBM Content Manager or older versions of FileNet, a Delete option displays in the user interface instead of Move to Trash. Selecting this option permanently deletes the file.
  3. Click OK to confirm that you want to remove the file.

What to do next

To permanently delete the file, you must remove it from the Trash view. If you change your mind about deleting the file, you can restore it from the Trash view. For more information, see Working with deleted files.

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