Managing a community library

When you are a community owner, you can control the level of access that members have to your community library using roles. You can also enable draft review functionality so that selected members have to approve files before they are published to the library.

Before you begin

You can perform the management tasks described in this topic for community libraries only. For information about managing linked libraries, see How do I manage a linked library.

About this task

In addition to specifying access levels and enabling a document review cycle, community owners can edit library settings to choose a different sorting order for the library compact view and change the default document type for community libraries.


Perform these steps to manage your community library.

  1. From the community's Overview page, select Community Actions > Edit Community.
  2. Click the Library tab and complete one or more of the following tasks:
    • To update the name of the library, enter a name in the Name field.
      Note: When you change the name of a library created from a community, the name of the library is updated in the Communities user interface and on the ECM server.
    • To change the level of access that community members have to library files, select a role from the Roles section.
      Note: Community members have at least reader and contributor access to all files and folders respectively, by default, but file authors and community owners can change sharing settings for individual files. For more information, see Sharing library files and folders. When you view a file that is inheriting access, any number of contributors can be inherited from the container. As you cannot specify contributor access for individual files, this access is demoted to reader when viewing a file.
    • To change the sorting order of the compact display, select a column order and sort order in the Document list sort section.
    • To change the default document type set for the library, click Change in the Document types section, select a document type, and then click OK.
    • To allow members to change the document type for individual files, select the Allow members to change the default Document Type on files added to this Library app check box.
    • To enable a draft review cycle for library files:
      1. Select Require review in the Draft Review section.
      2. Enter the names of one or more reviewers in the Add Reviewers field. To add the Community Owners group as a reviewer, click Add all community Owners as Reviewers.
      3. To specify that only one review is needed before a file can be uploaded, click the Only one Reviewer must review check box.
      4. To specify that the person submitting a file can add reviewers, click the Allow draft submitter to add Reviewers check box.
  3. Click Save and Close to apply your changes.

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