Managing community files

Depending on your access level, you can work in different ways with the files that members have uploaded and shared with your community.

Before you begin

To select the file that you want to work with, click the file name in the Files app to access options for working with the file.

The Files app on the community's Overview page displays only the most recent file updates for the community. If you do not see the file that you want to work with displayed in the app, click Files in the navigation pane to access a full list of the files associated with the community.

About this task

When working with community files, members can indicate to other members that they like a file, upload new versions of files, and edit a files name and description, depending on their level of access to the file. Members can follow files so that they receive an email whenever that file is modified. Community owners, member editors, and users who have uploaded files can delete versions of the uploaded file and restore any version of the file.


You can perform the following tasks when working with community files.

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