Viewing thumbnail images of files in the community

Use the thumbnail file view to see images of files, such as photos, videos, or documents. Hover over a thumbnail image to download or view the file.

About this task

In any file listing, you can show thumbnails in a grid format. Thumbnail images are small images that represent the file.
  • A photo or image displays scaled to fit the thumbnail.
  • A video displays the thumbnail that was uploaded for it.
    Note: To add a thumbnail to a video, navigate to the files details page for the video, select More Actions > Change Thumbnail.
  • An office file displays the first page of the document.
  • Other types display a generic file type icon.
The Gallery app and the grid view include the ability to view files in the Preview window.


Perform the following tasks to view community files in Grid view.

Perform the following tasks to view community files in a Preview.


Note: The following restrictions apply when you are viewing Connections Content Manager media files:
  • In all cases, you can see the Grid View thumbnails, and open the File Preview dialog by clicking them.
  • When connected to a non-primary Enterprise Content Manager server the following restrictions apply:
    • You cannot see thumbnail images.
    • You cannot see the video preview button.
  • Note: This restriction applies to non-previewable files that are not media or IBM® Docs files and you are not on the library grid view or you are not in a view that uses a CCM-connected Gallery; you cannot use the Preview action or link in any view.
    Note: This restriction means the reverse side action of any Thumbnail works because they are used in the Library Grid View or CCM-connected Gallery.
  • When you are not logged in, you do not see thumbnail images.
  • In any situation where an administrator creates files through another interface such as ACCE, certain file metadata, other content, and their properties cannot be controlled if not operated on through the Connections Library. In this situation, there can be unexpected results with any of the new CCM features since IBM Connections 4.5

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