Getting started with IBM Connections version 5.5

Use the Getting Started view when you are a new or inexperienced user and you want to familiarize yourself with Connections version 5.5.

When you select Home from the product navigation, you are brought to the Getting Started view by default. Use the numbered steps as a guide to help you get started. Discover how to add new content, find resources that are relevant to you, collaborate with colleagues, and build up a network of connections. Your administrator can customize the getting started experience to meet the needs of your organization by editing the content of the steps, and by adding or removing steps.

As you become more familiar with Connections version 5.5, you can close the Getting Started view by selecting the Do not show this screen at start check box. When you select this option, you are automatically brought to the Updates view the next time that you open the Home page. You can bookmark the page views that you visit most so that you can navigate directly to them later.

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