Frequently asked questions about the Home page

Lists the questions that Home page users ask most often and provides brief answers.

What is the Home page?
The Home page app delivers an aggregated view of the latest updates from all the Connections version 5.5 apps. If your administrator has enabled it, the Home page also delivers updates from third-party apps. You can filter the list of updates using the different views available.
Can I set one of the views as my default view?
No, but the views have different URLs, so you can bookmark your favorite view at any time.
What are apps?
A app is a self-contained, HTML-based representation of a software component. The My Page view uses apps to display a snapshot view of updates from each of the Connections version 5.5 apps. You can also add a selection of apps to the side column in the activity stream views.
What can I do with Connections version 5.5 apps?
You can stay current with updates from all of your apps directly from the Home page. Some apps allow you to toggle between different views to display different types of information.
What apps can I add to my Home page?
You can add apps for each of the Connections version 5.5 apps that are installed. Third-party apps might also be available if your administrator has enabled them. You can view the apps available for use by clicking Customize from the My Page or activity stream views.
If I rearrange the apps, what happens the next time I open the page?
Whenever you add or move an app, the next time you open the page, the app displays in the same location. The app also displays the same view as when you last viewed it.
If I close an app, does that mean that I can't use it again?
Closing an app returns it to the app palette. You can add the app to the Home page again whenever you want.
What is the limit of the number of entries displayed in the activity stream views?
There is no limit to the number of entries that you can display. The activity stream displays the full number of entries in all views, except for entries that are 30 days or older. The length of time after which entries are purged is set to 30 days by default.
What happens to updates on the Home page when someone deletes the original content?
When a user deletes content from Connections version 5.5 any updates related to the deleted content are removed, including comments or recommendations for that content. If you saved an update related to the deleted content, that update is also removed from your Saved view.

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