Mail Quick Reference

Learn how to do essential tasks in Connections Mail.

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Table 1. Managing incoming mail . Icons indicate social features
Task Action

See if new mail has arrived

Check the new message indicator over the mail icon.

Open a message

Click a message in your inbox.

Move a message to a folder

Click the message to open it. Click Move to folder, and then select a folder.

Accept, decline, or update a meeting invitation

  1. Click a meeting invitation in your Connections Mail inbox to open it.
  2. In the Mail window, click the corresponding button to accept, decline, or update the meeting.

Save attachments to your computer or to Connections Social feature indicator icon

When you receive an email with an attachment, you can save the attachment to your computer or to Connections Files.

Saving it to Files makes it easy to share and collaborate on the file.

Click Download or Share next to the attachment.

Load more messages in your inbox

Click Load more messages at the end of the inbox.

Table 2. Composing mail. Icons indicate social features
Task Action

Address an email to contacts from Connections and Notes® or Outlook Social feature indicator icon

When you start typing a name or email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc field of an email, a list of relevant contacts displays.

In Connections Mail, you see contacts from Notes or Outlook, and from your Connections network.

Verify that email addresses are correct

To make sure that all email address are correct, click the Check names link.

Attach files to a message, or use Files to share files in a message Social feature indicator icon

While composing a message, click Attachment, and select options.

See drafts of emails you save

Open your full mail.

Emails are saved according to the mail preference you set in SmartCloud Notes Web.

Table 3. Finding mail
Task Action

Search your inbox

  1. Enter search terms in the search bar in the inbox.
  2. Search in all fields, the From field, or the Subject field by clicking the arrow next to the search bar.
Note: If you use Domino® mail servers, the search feature displays only if your mail file is full-text indexed.

See the next or previous message

With a message open, click the previous arrow to see to the previous message, or the next arrow to see to the next message.