What’s new in Connections Mail?

The following table lists features new in IBM® Connections Mail, and how to use those features.

Important: Before you install a new version of Connections Mail, you must uninstall previous versions of Connections Mail. See IBM Connections Mail system requirements and Uninstalling IBM Connections Mail.
Table 1. What’s new


How to use it

Accept, decline, or update meeting invitations

  1. Open the meeting invitation from your inbox or from the placeholder calendar entry in your calendar.
  2. In the Mail window, click the corresponding button to accept, decline, or update the meeting.

Remove meeting notices from your inbox

If you use Exchange, meeting notices are removed from your inbox after you respond to them.

If you use Domino®, meeting notices are removed from your inbox according to the preferences you set in IBM iNotes®.

You can still find the invitation in your main mail client.

Open your full mail or calendar on the web

Click the My Mail or My Calendar link in the Connections Mail inbox or calendar. This feature is now available for Domino and Exchange users.

If you do not see this feature, your administrator disabled it.

Save a draft of an email

While you are composing or replying to an email, click Save As Draft to save and continue editing.

To open a draft after you close it, open your full mail.

Domino only: Read encrypted emails and calendar entries

If you use Domino mail servers, you can read encrypted emails in Connections Mail.

Note: If you forward or reply to an encrypted email, that new email is not encrypted.

Improvements to sharing files through email

  • When you send an email that contains links to files, the files are automatically shared with the email recipients. Starting in this release, this includes links in emails you forward or reply to and links you pasted into emails.
  • If you do not have permission to share the files, or if files cannot be shared with some recipients, you are notified before you send the email.

New features for writing emails

  • Change the font size for bulleted and numbered lists