Use Profiles to connect with people

View a person's profile to learn about them, see their picture, and find their contact information. You can connect with a person from their profile by sending them an email, inviting them to your network, following them, or viewing their updates.

In addition to contact details and work background, a profile provides rich, social information about a person that can help you decide whether you want to connect with a person. You can find out how you are related to the person, what you have in common, view their status updates, and keep up with what they are doing.

When Sametime® awareness is enabled, the person's online status is displayed, and you can start an instant chat with them directly from their profile. The IBM® Connections Plug-in for Sametime must be installed for this information to display.

A person's profile provides you with several ways to connect with them:
  • Send them an email.
  • Invite them to become part of your network. After your invitation is accepted, the person is added to your list of networks on the My Network page. To see a network contact's updates in the All Updates view, you must also follow them.
  • Follow them so that their status updates and message posts appear as messages on your own profile page in the Recent Updates section. Whenever the person you are following does something like posting a profile status message or comment, then that action is listed in the All Updates view of your home page.
  • Share a file with them.
  • Make them a favorite.
  • Leave a message on their profile.
  • Subscribe to a feed of their updates.
A person's profile also contains pertinent information about them, including things like:
  • Contact information. You might need to expand Contact me to view details.
  • Recent updates. The Recent updates section displays the profile owner's status, messages, and comments posted to their profile, and notifications that let you know what the profile owner does. You can control the types of posts that are displayed by clicking Filter By and making a selection.
  • A person's expertise or background.
  • Tags that were added to their profile.
  • Important links that a profile owner adds to their profile in My links. You can click Add Link to add links to your profile.
  • How to correctly pronounce their name. The pronunciation link is displayed if the profile owner uploaded a pronunciation file.
Use the information in a person's profile to view the ways that the two of you might be connected.
  • See the contacts that link you and the profile owner in the Who Connects Us? section. Viewing information is a useful way to see how you are connected to a particular person. You must be logged in to see information about the social path that exists between you and the profile owner.
  • Things that you have in common. This widget displays items such as files and activities that you have in common with the person whose profile you are viewing.
Find out about a person's position in the organizational hierarchy in the Report-to-Chain section. Choose one of the following options to open additional information about the people in the reporting structure:
Table 1. Reporting structure views
View Description
Full Report-to Chain Opens a page that shows basic information about the people in the organizational hierarchy.
Same Manager Opens a page that shows basic information about the people who also report to the profile owner's manager.
People Managed Opens a page that shows basic information about the people that the profile owner manages.

You can also download a person's vcard from their profile.

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