Understanding profile tags

A tag is a descriptive keyword associated with a profile and used to identify work activities, skills, or interests. You can tag your own profile and, if your system administrator has enabled it, also assign tags to other people's profiles.

Tags that you assign to your profile are displayed in the tag collection in your profile and in the organizational tag collection in the Directory page. The tag collection in your profile includes only the tags that have been added to your profile by you or others. The tag collection in the Directory page includes the most popular tags that have been added to the profiles of people in your organization.

Using the tag collection

You can view the tags in the tag collection as a list or a cloud. Click Cloud or List in the tag collection to switch the display. The list view displays ten tags. The cloud view displays fifty tags, the more frequently used appear in a larger and bolder font. You can quickly find experts in a specific area by browsing the tag collection and clicking tags that interest you.

Publicize your skills

By assigning tags to your profile, you describe your skills, job role, interests, and education to others in your organization. Tags describe what you do and what you care about. When you create tags, use keywords that represent your interests or areas of expertise. Tags must be entered as a single word, or as multiple words connected with a hyphen or underscore.

Find people

Click one of your own profile tags to quickly find other people who share your interest or are doing similar work. People with whom you share common tags are likely to be good resources for you. You can get their contact information from their profiles and begin collaborating with them.

Find out who has tagged you. Click the frequency number for a particular tag to display a list of the people who tagged you with that term. Click the frequency again to hide the information.

Define your connection

Tagging a colleague's profile can help remind you what your connection to a person is. For example, if you worked with them on a particular project, you might choose to tag them with the name of that project. When you tag someone else's profile, that tag is visible to anyone who views the profile. By tagging your own profile and other people's profiles, you make it easier for you and your colleagues to locate expertise in your organization.

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