Accept network invitations

When someone invites you to their network, you receive an invitation. After you accept the invitation, the two of you are added to each other's network.

About this task

If your administrator enabled email notifications, when people add you to their network you receive an email message that invites you to join. The email contains a link to the My Network page, where you can accept or decline the invitation.

If email notifications are not enabled, you can access invitations from the My Network page.


To accept a network invitation, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the invitation by doing one of the following things:
    • If email notifications are enabled, you can click the link that is provided in the email invitation to open the My Network page.
    • Select Invitations from the My Network page.
  2. Accept or ignore the invitation.
    • To accept the invitation and join the inviter's network, click Accept.
      Note: You can also click on the name of the inviter and accept the invitation from their profile page.
    • To ignore the invitation and delete it from the Invitations tab, click Ignore.
      Note: When you ignore an invitation, the inviter does not receive notification of your action.

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