Update your profile

Edit your profile to add or update information about yourself, change your profile picture, or upload a pronunciation file. Other people can use the information in your profile to learn about you and contact you.

About this task

An administrator initially creates your profile with information from the user directory for your organization. You can edit your profile to add details and keep your information current. Your administrator can set certain fields to be read-only. If the information in any of your read-only profile fields is no longer current, contact your administrator.


  1. Select Profiles > Edit My Profile from the product navigation.
  2. Click Contact Information to update details that help people get in contact with you. You can edit things like your office location, contact details, job title, or time zone.
  3. Click About Me to add more information about yourself.

    Use the About Me section to provide details about your relevant technical skills, language skills, or interests. You can list the projects that you work on or the technologies that you use.

    Use the Background section to describe your previous work experience, education, and training. Here is an example of the type of information a product manager might have in their Background section:

    I haveheld a variety of roles within software development, including development, design, user research, and now product management. I am currently the product manager team lead for Renovations SocioTech, a social software tool for the retail industry. As a senior product manager, I define the overall social software strategy, working with customers and partners to design the product. I develop and drive product requirements, and publicize the product through demonstrations and presentations at industry events.

    I came into Renovations through the Research Collaborative User Experience group as a user researcher. In my 10 years with the company, I have developed expertise in the entire Socio suite of products. I hold an MBA with a concentration in Human Factors in Information Design, and I have a strong interest in collaboration technologies and personal and business productivity tools.

    My new favorite hobby is sharing the experience of training our family puppy in my pawprints blog.

  4. Click Photo to update or remove your current profile picture. For best results, provide a .jpeg image of 155x155 pixels.

    Choose not to resize the image so that it can be automatically resized to fit the allocated space in the user interface. Valid image formats are .jpeg , .gif , or .png-. Image resizing is not available for all image formats; if you encounter problems with uploading and sizing an image, try converting the image to a different format and then upload.

  5. Click Pronunciation to update or remove a recording of your name being pronounced correctly. The pronunciation file must be in .wav or .wma format and cannot be larger than 100 KB.

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