Invite a person into your network

Adding a person to your network creates a connection between the two of you. After your network invitation is accepted, the person is added to your list of networks on the My Network page.


Do the following to add someone to your network:

  1. Search for the profile and then open it.
  2. Click Invite to My Network.
  3. Accept the default message or enter a message of your own inviting the person to join your network.
  4. Enter the keywords that define how you are connected in the Add tags for name field.
  5. If you want updates from this person to display on your Home page and in an email summary of updates, click Also Follow.
  6. Click Send invitation.


The person that you invited to join your network receives notification that you invited them to join your network. If they accept your invitation, they are added to your My Network page, and the Invite to My Network link is changed to Remove From Network when you next view their profile pages.

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