Tagging profiles

Add a tag to your own profile or to another person’s profile to identify a specific skill set or area of expertise. Profile tags should identify a person’s job role, skills, or interests. For example: loan-officer, human_resources, encryption, fly-fishing. When used correctly, they can help people learn about one another.

About this task

If your system administrator has enabled people tagging, you can tag yourself and others. You must be logged in to create or modify tags.
  • Tags that you add to your own profile or to the profiles of others cannot be hidden or private. All tags are displayed in the profile tag collection and organizational tag collection.
  • If multiple people assign the same tag to a profile, a number is displayed with the tag to identify the number of times the tag has been assigned. You can click the number to display a list of the people who assigned that tag to the profile.
  • Tags that you assign to a profile are listed separately from those that were assigned by others.
  • You can remove tags that you added to another person's profile.
  • You can remove tags that you or another user added to your profile.


To tag a profile, complete the following steps.

  1. Open your own profile or the profile of the person you want to tag.
  2. Type a tag name in the tag field. The name must be a single word only; it cannot contain spaces. You can use an underscore (_) or a hyphen (-) to specify multiple word tag names. Separate multiple tags with commas or spaces.

    Tags are automatically converted to lowercase.

  3. Click the Add tags to this profile icon to add the tags to the profile.

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