Update your status

Keep people informed about what you are doing by regularly updating your personal status message.

About this task

Keep your status current and useful. For example, you might post a message to let people know that you are busy preparing for a meeting. Or you might want to share a link to an interesting website with the people in your network.


To update your status message, complete the following steps on your profile page.

  1. Click Recent Updates and click in the What are you working on now? message area.
  2. Enter a brief status message and then click Post. You can also add a link or a file to your status.


Your message is visible to anyone who can view your profile page. Your status message also shows up in the Recent Updates section of the profile of a person who is following you.

Status updates for the contacts that you follow also appear in Recent Updates. The updates help you stay aware of what your network contacts and community members are doing and saying. The Recent Updates section is also updated any time that you or someone that you follow does something like creating a blog, posting a wiki entry, or commenting on a file.

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