View network contacts

See who is in a person's network by looking at the Network Contacts section of their profile. Go to the Network Contacts section of your own profile to see the people in your network.


To view network contacts for your profile or the profile of someone else, complete the following steps.

Open the Network Contacts page by doing one of the following.
  • To view your own network contacts, open the My Network page, and click My Network Contacts.
  • To view the network contacts of another person, open their profile page and click View All in the Network area of the page.
Click to open the profile page of another person so that you can learn more about them. From a person's profile, you can select to follow them, invite them to your network, or post a message to their Recent Updates.
Note: If you are a network contact with a person, then the Network Contact label appears on their profile page.

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